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Newest Movies HD Apk Not Working ? How to Fix??

Newest Movies HD app is movie streaming application. You will definitely get a lot of movies on this app and it is updated frequently but sometimes Newest Movies Hd Not Working due to some issues. Is it not working on your end? I know it has some bugs due to which you are getting” No connectivity” issues. It must be irritating when you are unable to stream movies on Newest Movies HD App. You are looking for a solution on Google but I must tell you that you have arrived at the best location on the internet to get your answer.

The issue can arise due to many factors. It might be your Internet issue also but for that, you have to check with your network provider that why your internet isn’t working properly. But if your internet is working properly and then also you are getting the same issue then the problem is something issue which we need to figure out. Let’s now look at the steps in order to resolve the same issue.

Newest Movies Hd Not Working

They are two cases in which we should check each and every thing properly. The two cases are mentioned below one by one. Let’s have detailed info about them below.

Fix Newest Movies Hd Not Working Case 1:

If your Newest Movie HD app is not working and you are unable to stream movies on it then first thing which you need to ensure is your network connection. Your internet must work fine. If it is working fine then you have to follow the following steps in order to correct the issue.

  • The first thing which you have to do is to close the app and then close the WI-FI or mobile connection.
  • Now when you have closed the mobile connection search your network again in network provider and ensure that your network is properly connected by your smartphone.
  • Now what you have to do is to open the app again and on the WI-FI or your data connection.
  • Ensure that you are getting proper 3G or 4G signals so that you can stream the movies with ease.
  • I hope that doing this will solve your problem and now you won’t be getting “No Connection” error in your Newest Movies HD app.

Fix Newest Movies Hd Not Working Case 2:

If the above step isn’t working for you then the problem is something else which we need to figure out. So now we are going to follow some steps in order to solve your network connectivity error in Newest Movies HD app.

  • Firstly you have to download the MFT downloader.

Download MFT Downloader

  • Just download the apk file on your PC and then move it to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth or any other sharing application or directly download the file to your mobile.
  • Just ensure that the file which you have downloaded in your PC must be virus free.
  • Now when the file is on your smartphone, just click on the file and the file will start installing in your system.
  • Now open the MFT downloader and go to Movies/ TV section in it.
  • There you will see Newest Movies HD app. Just click on install option and Newest Movies HD app will be installed on your smartphone.
  • Now you can simply open the app and start watching the movies.
  • Just complete all the steps and the “connectivity issue” will be resolved in few minutes.


So, you can now follow any 2 steps to solve your problem. You have to follow first Step 1 to solve your problem but unfortunately, if you are unable to solve it with Step 1 then just go for Step 2. If you are following Step 2, ensure that you follow all steps carefully so that “no connectivity” problem exists. With this your problem will get solved. I wish you all the best!! Keep enjoying movies and be happy.

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